Who are we?

We are a marketing company with inhouse stock and technical back up. For us to succeed we need you our customers to consider us when disposing of surplus equipment or machinery. For over 35 years we have been helping companies to access capital from no longer used idle machinery. Rather than trade in a surplus machine against a new acquisition, please consider our company to pre sell for you, getting the best price possible in the market.

How do we start the process?

Firstly we need to know the availability of the machinery. If the machine is in production, it would be sensible to have a video of the machine running product. We would then start to market the machine ,through enquiries we already carry ,with a monthly mail shot and through our new web site. Should the machine be idle we would need our technical team to visit and assess the requirement to install the machine elsewhere. One of our technical and sales team would travel with the potential new owners for an inspection before purchase. All machinery will be paid for in full before purchase.

After sales and Installation?

We always ask our customers to stay in contact with us should any problems occur in production. We can if asked, source an operator for a short period of instruction. Should you have difficulty sourcing parts call or email. We are at your service seven days per week.